This place was great. They were the only place in BH who would accommodate our horse during our stay. Just 10 mins from town. The cottage was very homely with vintage decor. Clean comfortable and VERY accommodating owners. Very pet friendly. 4th October 2020.

Mariella Gussoni

Great laid back place. Old retro Art rustic with pet room. Good facilities. Pet friendly. Beautiful view of the landscape. So chilled. Great place. Self contained accommodation. Horses, motorbike contractors good for actors artists musicians big groups also. Cooking is available some epic views. Trains kangaroos total bush life experience. Friendly for vegan vegetarian of course if you notify in advance. Lovely place pam is a gem. Historic cameleers station. Peaceful. Always come back. After 15 years love it even more. 1st February 2021

Ashley Graetz

Dear Pam and John, My two daughters, my father and I Stayed with you at Mulberry Vale last week. Our road trip out to Broken Hill was our first out into the Outback of NSW. Our stay with you was, without doubt, the highlight of our trip. The Sunrise and Sunset was absolutely spectacular. Dakota, Tiger, Laurel and Ripley put on an excellent ‘show’ of how ‘Outback Dogs’ entertain city folk, such as we. The cabins were warm and comfortable and offered fantastic desert outlook. We loved meeting you both. You have built a most unique environment for visitors to experience a beautiful part of our world. Highly recommended! THANK YOU – Newcastle NSW.

Kate, Grace and Rosie Cousins

This is exactly what we are looking for. When we left, my father said that the two nights we stayed here made the entire trip to Australia worth while. Thank you Pam. Thank you John. An experience we will never forget. Tucson, AZ USA

Mike Bellinfante

Dear Pam and John, I would like to thank you for your hospitality over the years with a poem. I wrote it after another most pleasant dinner to which you had invited me. Mulberry Vale Bush Cabin Resort Mulberry Vale, where the saltbush grow, On the great wide plain, that’s where I’ll go To work on my book on the veranda of mine And watch the sun set, her red-golden shine. My cabin is perfect, there’s all that I need. At the table outside, at my laptop I sit, And while around me it’s peaceful and calm My mind can take wings and spin a new yarn. I must lock the door – the ghosts come at night! The sunset is vibrant and bound to revive The souls of dead miners, return them to life; Their names on the Hill are blazing in white. Are really some ghosts still haunting the town? Did you go up the Hill to see for your own, In the middle of night if the dead miners’ names Are brighter in darkness than during the days? As a guest I do know of a very good ‘ghost.’ Her name? It is Pam, and she is the most Gen’rous host you could in a life time meet, Together with John: a pair you must meet. Alas I completed my book and this strive, And thus my excuse to return to this life But this does not mean I won’t ever again Would want to indulge in Andrew’s cuisine. I wish you good night, after a wonderful day. After so many years again I will say I wait for the day when again I will ring: “Is cabin 10 free, can you fit me in?” Mulberry Vale, where the saltbush grow, On the great wide plain, that’s where I’ll go To write my next book on the veranda of mine, And watch the sun set, her red-golden shine. Copyright 2010 Wilhelm Ruff

Wilhelm Ruff

Hi pam, john ,dacoda ,chad,and loral sitting in van over at menindee and really missing the HUMPY ALREADY with the GREAAT fire and a million storys per bottle thank you all so much for makeing 10 days there such a memorable one hope everything goes well for you both and I WILL REURN (with big boss wen ) love you both SULLY. – Narrandera NSW

Bob Sullivan

Dear Pamela and John,one of the best times i had in years! thank you for everything Mulberry stole my heart.it s just beautiful !thank you for being good friends hope to see you soon say hi to all of the nice dogs, dakota and laurel and Tiger i will come back! cheers Marcel – Holland


Pam & John it was fabulous to catch up on the weekend. Your hospitality was fantastic. You have a magical spot and the facilities are excellent. Will certainly be keen to return. Thank you again

Henry Raison – Adelaide Hills, October 19 2015

Henry Raison